Sponsor at CBS

From the creators of Cheers Magazine, The Cheers Beverage Conference and Better Bartending, we have sponsor and marketing opportunities for our new 2021 Summit in Orlando, Florida. Brands are always looking for opportunities to network in a small setting, showcase products and stay in touch with the trend changes within the industry.

Get your brand a part of the conversation!

  • Integrating your brand into the program will provide the ultimate brand exposure  and awareness in front of the industry’s best.
  • Now is your opportunity to join the table with beverage leaders and discover the new trends that are constantly changing within the industry and how to implement and plan for them in the future.
  • Superior cultivated program guided by EXPERTS from Cheers Editorial and Industry Boards with overall direction from Cheers Magazine and Beverage Handbooks.
  • The show is held in a different market every year, opening up more opportunities to observe geographic and generational trends in beverage and check out innovative independents.

For more information on sponsorship packages, fill out the form below and someone will reach out to you shortly!